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A Time of Awakening

by Bill Haile

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David Cross was just about the fastest young man in the whole village of Arstage and there was nary a soul that provided better for his family in these “times of troubles”. For the last four seasons the harvest of the fields yielded less and less and the village storehouse was nearly empty now it didn’t seem barely enough to get through this season. What should happen to the Village if the rains didn’t come again this year? Where could the people go? It had been his job to visit all the surrounding villages and countryside in hope of finding a way for his people to survive if the rains didn’t come again this season. What he found sent shivers down his spine.




















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A Time of Awakening

As black people started to make up substantial proportions of congregations, they were given a chance to momentarily forget about their bondage and enjoy a slight sense of freedomSome people report feeling surrounded by beings at night or having the sensation of being touched or talked toSo the first would be to calm down and relax which will help give clarity as well help heal or transformIm currently relatively normal again lolGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA: Fleming H.


Bonomi (1986)The number of changes seems to be growingAnd we also dont want the water supply poisoned for the eighteen million people who live downstreamLooking at it positively, your suffering increases in proportion to the degree you are holding in that energy, which suffering or pain eventually becomes *too much*, which will then get you to ask these kinds of questions and consider trying to let go again&You look at those towns, how poor and degraded they are as a result of thatAll forms have a beginning and an end, a natural life cycle and are not permanent as you can see in all growing objects


Its been a process of seeing what keeps me in identification / duality and then realizing that is not me nor valuable to myself and then I can let go and drop identification with that aspect or habit of dualityIt poisons the water, it eats up the land, it displaces the natural migrations of caribou and moose and other animals that the nearby First Nation communities rely onInterested in hearing your reply Reply betsy rabyor says: June 10, 2016 at 2:52 pm Thank you for reaching out and sharing your journey, observations and experiences and congratulations on your kundalini awakening! I have a few comments to what you wrote: & and no deterministic paradigm really can hold true since each part is simultaneously changing all of the others19601980) v t e Long story shortA deep yearning for meaning, purpose, spiritual connection, and revelationHe printed Whitefield's sermons on the front page of his Gazette, devoting 45 issues to Whitefield's activitiesWhen you focus on the present, you will experience miracles -- yes, even in trafficI agree, people have different blockages and issues, which is their personality, so that part will always differ 79c7fb41ad


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